Turkish Night Show

The Turkish Night shows are a fun way to see the traditional Turkish dances and costumes from different regions of Turkey as well as different music types. You will also observe the customs of the wedding proposal dance and shaving ceremony of the groom.

Turkish Night Show is a great way to relax and have a little fun after a tiring touring day in Cappadocia. Turkish Night performances offer exciting, fun and energetic evenings with food, music, dancing and unlimited beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). You will see different Turkish Dances which are a little traditional, yet “made-for-tourists” performances in Cappadocia.

The show begins with Turkish dancers perform traditional Turkish wedding dances in which the bride, dressed in a beautiful red dress, dances in the middle of the stage, as the groom performs a variety of dances for her.

This is followed by a few folk dances from different parts of Turkey, and then the belly dancer takes the stage. She makes her breath-taking dance and then goes around all the tables to take one man from each tablet o teach the secrets of belly dancing.

After additional dancing and shows, including the fire dance, the Caucasian dance with knives, and the drum show, the night’s performance comes to an end.

During the show waiters serve unlimited soft and alcoholic drinks with appetizers. The main dinner course will be lamb or chicken with rice follows. This is the traditional wedding meal in Turkey. The night ends around 23:30 when we drive you back to your hotel for a deep sleep.

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