The daily excursion of Cappadocia is organized every day from Goreme. That program is a good deal for visitors who want to see the highlights of Cappadocia. Most of the formations are situated around Goreme. Starting at 9h30 in the morning, we will make you feel our history and culture.

Red Valley Hiking

We start our day by hiking in that beautiful valley. We are going to discover different trees and plants grown in Cappodocia. Passing from tunnels and churches, we'll reach the village of Cavusin (Tchavushin)- 1h15min hiking...

 Cavusin Old Village

In 1960 s a big collapse happened. Many people died and they moved from their old village to found a new village beside. We will  see some of these houses with streets and we will visit St John the Baptist church (6th century). We will continue to make a tour around the village to see some very nice formation of valleys and fairy chimneys. You can feel the consequences of erosion in that place.

Avanos Pottery

Avanos takes its name from the Roman period. The name is given according to the old name of the Red River (1355km). In whole Turkey, this is the only place, for the Red River, to accumulate its clay in Avanos area. The local people, starting from the Hitite period worked with the clay to make pottery. That handcraft of 4000 years old is still practiced in Avanos. We will visit one of those family atelier and enjoy with the art of pottery.

Pasabag Fairy Chimneys (Pachabag)

Cappadocia became one of the asceticism center in Anatholia. St Basil is the leader of the community monasticism who invited everyone to live in caves and make the balance of the spiritual world with the social activity. That movement made St Simeon come to Cappadocia and he lived with his disciples together inside one of those fairy chimneys. It's an amazing place to visit for half an hour by climbing to the hermitage of Simeon or taking pictures of this land totaly marvelous.

Devrent Valley

Also called Imagination valley, you can see different forms and shapes of fairy chimneys. Even an image of a Camel Fairy Chimney is present. Left to you to continue the game

Urgup Fairy Chimneys

Once upon a time, a young man loved a rich girl. The girls father did not want a mariage. Then, they decided to escape. On the way, the father and the uncles killed them. A miracle happened. A small story told at this awesome view. The 3 Beauty of Urgup became the symbol of Cappadocia.

Wine Factory

Different kinds of grapes are grown in Cappadocia. We'll visit a wine factory to taste local


The daily excursion to Ihlara is organized every day from Goreme. That program is a good deal for visitors who want to see the underground city and Ihlara valley. Starting at 9h30 in the morning, we will tell you about different periods of the history. The Volcanoes, the Hitites and Christians...

  • Goreme Panorama

A place with an overview on Goreme village and formations around. Our guide gives you a general information about the volcanoes and the formation of fairy chimneys

Derinkuyu Underground City

There are over 200 underground settlements in Cappadocia and we still discover new ones. Derinkuyu, called Melagobia in old time, is the deepest settlement. We can reach 55 m underground at 8th storey. During your visit, your guide tells you about the Hittites who lived in that area 4000 years ago.

Ihlara Canion

The formation of Ihlara is due to a volcanic material called basalt. Thats for, you are going to see a completely different formation. Its walls reach 150m height.Christians used the valley to escape from the Roman persecution. We walk in the canion for 3 km. By the way we visit a church from the 10th century called.Agacalti church.(The church under the tree)

At the end of the walk, we have the lunch in Belisirma near the Melendiz river.

Yaprakhisar Panorama

After the lunch, we drive to Yaprakhisar Panorama which is called.The Star Wars Movie Place and your guide will tell you why! This place has a large view with the Monastery of Selime, Yaprakhisar Fairy Chimneys, the entrance of the Canion and Yaprakhisar cave village.

Selime Monastery

This is the biggest monastery in cappadocia region dating back to the 6th century. The monastery was carved into a huge rock. Your guide will mention about the monastic life in cappadocia.

Pigeon Valley

The valley is near Uchisar. Pigeons have been always important for cappadocian people. Thats why people carved some pigeon houses to keep them in certain places. You will see that the houses for the pigeons are like the houses for the people

Onyx factory

Because Cappadocia is a volcanic area, there are different kinds of volcanic stones mined from the region. You'll have information about onyx, turqouise, etc

These  activities  are organized  by Andromeda  Tour Travel Agency  Türsab No:A5195